Speakers’ Guidelines

Naming of presentations

Please name your presentation “Session ID Name of presenter”, e.g. “7B Bill Maher”.

Presentation format

Each presentation is allotted a total of 20 minutes. It is very important that you do not exceed the 20 minutes, as many attendees may want to move between parallel sessions. Please note that the 20 minutes include the introduction of the paper and the Questions & Answers. The exact starting time is given in the program. It is suggested that you limit your presentation to 15 min. The session chair will inform you when your 15 minutes are up, at which point you should wrap-up your presentation and allow some time for questions.

Please prepare your presentation in PowerPoint or PDF format. Avoid complex slides with a lot of text, which require long reading time. Please do not spend time going through the basics of negative emissions.

Uploading the presentation

Presentations will be uploaded on-site. We do not want any presentations sent in advance.

Technical setup in the session rooms
Each session room will be equipped with the following standard equipment:

Laptop computer

Laser pointer


Screen & projector

If any problems should arise, a Chalmers representative will assist you.