The 2nd International Conference on Negative CO2 Emissions was originally scheduled for May, 2020, but had to be postponed due to the pandemic. The new date for the conference has been set: June 14-17, 2022!

The conference will be a hybrid event where the on-site part is to be held at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. The presentations will either be live-streamed from the conference venue or accessible as pre-recorded presentations. This means that all presentations, panels and papers are digitally accessible, and it will be possible for digital delegates to ask questions to the presenters/panelists.

The conference is organized by Chalmers with support from the Global Carbon Project, the City of Gothenburg, Nordic Energy Research, Stockholm Exergi, and the International Energy Agency, i.e. IEAGHG, IEAIETS and IEA.

Here you can find the conference flyer